Shipboard Waste Heat Recovery Technology – MarineLink

Calnetix Technologies, LLC has published a White Paper describing new processes for producing supplemental power for a ship’s |


Waste heat from the engines is an underutilized source of power that can be harnessed to augment electricity produced by the ship’s generators,” said Calnetix CEO Vatche Artinian. “While heat from the engine exhaust is already being used to generate steam on many ships, it has been difficult to harvest heat from lower-temperature sources, such as the engine coolant. Hydrocurrent™ technology aims to remove this barrier and tap into the low-grade jacket-water heat to generate additional electrical power without increasing fuel consumption.”
“Test data reveal that Hydrocurrent can produce up to 125 kW of electrical power from a temperature source as low as 80⁰C, saving up to 200 tons of bunker fuel and reducing carbon monoxide emissions by 18 tons per year by reducing the load on the ship’s bunker-burning diesel generators,” he added.

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