External stimulation-controllable heat-storage ceramics

External stimulation-controllable heat-storage ceramics. Hiroko Tokoro et al (2015), Nature Communications http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/ncomms8037 Commonly …

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ORC Technology Replaces Engine’s Radiator, Offsets Radiator Capital Cost and … – Renewable Energy Focus

ElectraTherm utilizes Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and proprietary technologies to generate power from low temperature heat ranging from 170-252°F. With the typical engine running at about 35% efficiency, there is considerable waste heat between the jacket water and the exhaust. By acting as the radiator for the engine, ORC technology benefits include additional power generation, increased efficiency and reduced cooling loads. The elimination of radiator capital costs offsets up to 20% of the entire ORC project costs, delivering a payback of three years or less for diesel or heavy fuel oil-fired gensets.

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New heat exchanger for supersonic aircraft engines

High-performance aircraft turbine engine manufacturers are facing unprecedented increases in the amount of heat that must be released in order to maintain acceptable temperatures in supersonic engines that is required for the aircraft to operate at…

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Free piston/ORC system for automotive waste heat recovery being tested at University of Brighton

A prototype automotive waste heat recovery system has been fired up on a recently commissioned test rig at the University of Brighton. A free piston engine eliminates the entire mechanical drivetrain of a conventional engine, allowing ultra-efficient combustion cycles to be developed and reducing the parts count and cost. It completely removes the crankshaft constraint placed on piston movement that actually hinders efficient combustion, and allows piston motion to be optimized to deliver a cleaner, more efficient combustion process.

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