Daimler to offer Mercedes-Benz energy-storage system – Gizmag

Tesla recently did it to much acclaim, and now Daimler is doing it too – the German automotive corporation is launching its own home/business battery energy storage system. Developed by Daimler subsidiary Deutsche ACCUmotive, the Mercedes-Benz energy storage unit utilizes lithium-ion batteries to store energy generated by solar cells, wind turbines or other sources.

Utilizing technology that was originally developed for use in Mercedes and smart hybrid/electric cars, the battery modules will be available in two versions – a 2.5-kWh model for homes, and a 5.9-kWh model for industrial use. Up to eight 2.5 kWh modules can be linked together to form a 20 kWh energy storage unit for use by businesses.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.gizmag.com

See on Scoop.itMicro generation – Energy & Power systems


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