Inventor Guido Fetta describes EMdrive related propellentless Cannae drive aka Q drive system

Guido Fetta describes created unbalanced electromagnetic forces within the chamber. Guido says summing the lorentz forces has a propellentless force.
Guido Fetta, inventor of the Emdrive related Q-Drive.

Fetta, an independent inventor with a background in chemical engineering, explains that the drive is a “superconducting resonating cavity.” An imbalance in the cavity, Fetta says, creates thrust.

Fetta had tested a superconducting version of the “Q-drive” or Cannae drive on 13 January 2011 several yearsprior to the Eagleworks test campaign. The RF resonant cavity was suspended inside a liquid helium-filled dewar. The weight of the cavity was monitored by load cells. Fetta theorized that when the device was activated and produced upward thrust, the load cells would detect the thrust as change in weight. When the Cannae drive was energized by sending 10.5 watt power pulses of 1047.335 MHz RF power into the resonant cavity there was a reduction in compressive force on the load cells consistent with thrust of 8-10 mN. The results have not been published in the scientific literature, but were posted on Cannae LLC’s website.


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