Development of a 300 kWe Integrated Axial Turbine and Generator for ORC Applications

Concepts NREC has completed its design and development of an integrated high speed axial turbine and permanent magnet generator. The Turbine –Generator Unit (TGU) is ideal for ORC applications for its compactness, reliability, and versatility. The 20,000 rpm TGU does not use a shaft seal or gearbox and the generator is evaporatively cooled using the ORC working fluid. The TGU is designed with the intent of having the same turbine housing and generator used with a range of operating ORC fluid operating pressures and temperatures to enable its wide spread use in a variety of ORC heat recovery applications. The rotor and nozzle stators are changed to aerodynamically optimize the performance of the turbine at different ORC fluid operating conditions and flow rates. The output voltage of the generator can range from 300 to 480 VAC and at 50 hz and 60 hz. This facilitates its use in waste heat recovery applications throughout the world. This technical paper will review the mechanical and electrical design features of the turbine-generator unit.


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