Super Turbine offers an alternative to conventional designs – Windpower Engineering (press release)

A proposal for a new design
Due to its unique characteristics, wind speed can be gradually recovered to the inflow velocity, Vo, after passing over an object. Now assume the diameter of the wind rotor is infinitely large and the blades are located relatively low. After the wind passes over the upwind blades, the wind speed recovers gradually to inflow velocity. When the wind arrives the downwind side, the blades there encounter the same velocity the upwind blades encountered earlier. As displayed in Extracting power from a VAWT , the blades at most positions in the first and fourth quadrants extract the greatest power. If we separate the rotor at line A-A and extend the rotor to A’-A’, we now have two half circles connected by a rectangle (A design for the Super Turbine) and all the blades in the A-A’ sections will extract the biggest power. This is the basic principle of the super turbine. It is based on real time, active-pitch technique for vertical axis wind turbines.


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