Researchers propose a novel solar CPV/CSP hybrid system – Nanowerk

(Nanowerk News) In concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) systems only a small part of the incident solar energy can be converted into electricity and the majority of the incident energy is dissipated as waste heat. Although the waste heat could be utilized in conventional CPV/thermal systems, the applications are seriously limited due to the low temperature accompanying the waste heat. Professor Xu Chao and his group from North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) present a novel CPV/concentrating solar power (CSP) hybrid system. The dissipated heat is used to produce superheated vapor of refrigerant which is effective to generate power through an organic Rankine cycle (ORC), and thus the solar-to-electricity efficiency of the system can be significantly improved. This work was published in Science Bulletin (“Energy analysis of a hybrid solar concentrating photovoltaic/concentrating solar power (CPV/CSP) system”).

Read more: Researchers propose a novel solar CPV/CSP hybrid system 


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