5 Ways Your Tech Will Go Green in 2015 – Live Science

Smart-home technologies aren’t new, but they might finally find their niche in the new year, said Michael Nardi, president of GreenTech Consulting, an Indiana-based company that provides technology and clean-energy consulting to businesses. In 2015, both home and business owners will rely more heavily on Internet-connected products such as smart thermostats, Nardi told Live Science.


Not all of the green technologies due to take off in 2015 are based on computing power. Some of them run on an older power source: the sun.

Joule is a Massachusetts-based company that harvests the energy in sunlight to create fuels such as ethanol, diesel and gasoline. In the company’s specially engineered photosynthesis process, nonpotable water is combined with microbes that produce particular fuels when exposed to sunlight and carbon dioxide.

Known as artificial photosynthesis, this method of creating fuels and chemicals could one day curb society’s need for fossil fuels. It’s also a process that demonstrates the many potential uses of solar energy, according to Peters.

Source: www.livescience.com

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