Sewage Could Provide Fuel of the Future – Scientific American

One source of hydrogen for hydrogen cars will be wastewater, at least in California

The contents of your toilet could soon be powering your car and helping to cut down greenhouse gas emissions.

In this suburb of Los Angeles, FuelCell Energy Inc. is operating the world’s first “tri-generation” plant that converts sewage into electrical power for an industrial facility and renewable hydrogen for transportation fuel.

The system runs on anaerobically digested biogas from the Orange County Sanitation District’s municipal wastewater treatment plant. A 300-kilowatt-hour molten carbonate fuel cell uses the biogas to produce heat, electricity and hydrogen—making it a “tri-generation” system.

Hydrogen produced by the fuel cell is captured, compressed and sent to an on-site public hydrogen filling station for fuel-cell vehicles (FCVs) to use. The energy station produces approximately 100 kilograms of renewable hydrogen per day, which is enough to fuel up to 50 cars.


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