Energy-efficient ORC technology: Dürr Cyplan taps new fields of application – Dürr

The Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology by Dürr Cyplan takes roots and opens up new fields of application. In ongoing projects, it is used in combination with gas turbines, wood firing, and geothermal energy to recover process heat and electricity from waste heat. This is possible because ORC systems are suitable for use in co-generation units.

The energy fed to the co-generation unit is converted to electricity and process heat at the same time. The first Dürr ORC system integrated in a co-generation unit has been used successfully by the municipal utilities Stadtwerke Groß-Gerau (Federal Land of Hesse) since 2012 and has proved its worth. Coupled to a biogas plant, the system boasts an availability of over 98%, after more than 15,000 operating hours.

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