Swedish Forestry Waste to Energy Plant Keeps Costs Down with Organic Rankine Cycle

The Marjarp 2 biowaste to energy facility in Falköping, Sweden – the first power plant in Scandinavia to use hot oil Organic Rankine Cycle – has completed its first year of service. According to Saxlund International which supplied much of the technology at the plant, others could learn from the Swedish experience…

While the idea of small-scale biowaste energy solutions in the 2 to 5 MW energy range to provide Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is just starting to catch on in the UK, in mainland Europe, especially Scandinavia, the technology already plays a considerable role in delivering secure, affordable, green energy.

Marjarp 2 supplies district heating and electricity, producing 2.4 MW of electricity and 10 MW of district heating, from locally sourced forestry wastes such as bark and other residues as well as virgin timber.

The plant was commissioned by Falbygdens Energi from Saxlund International and is the first in Scandinavia to use hot oil Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology for electricity production – as opposed to conventional high pressure steam systems.


Source: www.waste-management-world.com

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