Engine That Uses Cryogenic Energy Storage to Improve Vehicle Fuel Efficiency and Greatly Reduce Fossil Fuel Dependence – 14863 – University of Florida Office of Technology Licensing

Cryogenic power extraction increases fuel efficiency by applying exhaust heat from a vehicle engine to expand a cryogenic liquid (e.g. liquid nitrogen, liquid natural gas) into gas that runs a turbine. Available engine designs waste excess heat and energy. Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a cryogenic power extraction system that uses the exhaust heat to convert cheap, environmentally friendly liquid nitrogen into an extremely high-pressure gas. A car with this engine uses this high-pressure fluid to produce more engine power, more than doubling fuel efficiency. Cheap and abundant, liquid nitrogen provides a cost-efficient and reliable resource. The market for fuel efficient vehicles is one of the fastest growing markets, with a growth rate near 30 percent annually. More than 1.3 million hybrid electric vehicles were sold in 2013. This liquid nitrogen heat extraction is a significant fuel efficiency improvement, positioning it well in this large, dynamic market.

Source: technologylicensing.research.ufl.edu

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