Latest R290 heat pump research presented at Gustav Lorentzen 2014 – Project NxtHPG: Next generation heat pumps working with natural fluids

A propane water-to-water heat pump booster for sanitary hot water production: seasonal performance analysis of a new COP optimised solution.


The paper by M. Tammaro, C. Montagud, J. M. Corberán, A. W. Mauro and R. Mastrullo (Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II) analyses the performance of a water-to-water prototype electrical heat pump (EHP) for domestic hot water (DHW) production up to 60 ºC using propane as working fluid. The study aims to identify optimal condensation pressures at different working conditions. The study’s new concept is to let the system condense at a pressure that is fixed at each operating condition to maximise the COP. The design and control of the prototype had to be selected depending on the conditions at the boundaries: the demand or daily load profile of the end user (DHW consumption per person), the choice of the appropriate size of components for the EHP, and the heat storage and hydronics. Heat pump main characteristics: 49 kW nominal heating capacity when heating water from 10 to 60°C in the condenser and working with water entering the evaporator at 20°C.Plates condenser 1400 W·K-1Plates evaporator 9700W·K-1Scroll Compressor 170 cm3 displacement and 2900 rpm



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