United Technologies : Patent Issued for System and Method for Equilibrating an Organic Rankine Cycle | 4-Traders

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“To avoid some issues of contamination, certain approaches utilize various forms of purge systems, which are fluidly coupled to the ORC system. These purge systems are typically configured to extract the working fluid from the ORC system, remove contaminants from the working fluid, and reintroduce the ‘clean’ working fluid back into the ORC system. However, while this approach does address the issue of contamination, the purge systems require infrastructure, circuitry, and general structure that must be provided in addition to the components of the ORC system. This maintenance time to the ORC system. generally systems contamination which is the ingress of contaminated fluids, such as air from the environment that surrounds the closed-loop ORC system. “There is therefore a need for an ORC system and method that can reduce the likelihood of the ingress of such contaminated air to address the issue of contamination in ORC systems at the source of the problem. There is likewise a need for solutions to the contamination issue that do not require the addition to the ORC system of substantially new equipment, costs, and control infrastructure.”
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