Alkanes as working fluids for high-temperature exhaust heat recovery of diesel engine using organic Rankine cycle | Chemistry

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Study on recovering waste heat of engine exhaust gas using organic Rankine cycle (ORC) has continuously increasedinrecent years.However, it is difficult to find out appropriate working fluids to match with exhaust gas waste heat due to high temperature. Inthis work, several tentative attempts andexplorations are made in selecting Alkanes as working fluid owing to their excellent thermo-physical and environmental characteristics. Parameters optimization of the combinedsystem of diesel engine withbottoming ORC (DE-ORC) is performed onAlkane-based working fluids with six indicators, including thermal efficiency (η), exergy destruction factor (EDF),turbine size parameter (SP), total exergydestruction rate (IORC), turbine volume flow ratio (VFR) and net power output per unit mass flow rate of exhaust (Pnet).
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