FuelCell Energy power plant to provide 80% of UB campus energy …

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FuelCell Energy, Inc. a manufacturer of fuel cell power plants, announced the development of a project to install a 1.4 megawatt fuel cell power plant at the University of Bridgeport that will supply approximately 80 percent of the campus power needs.

On-site power generation provides energy security and power reliability to the University operations as the fuel cell power plant will operate as a micro-grid, capable of operating independently from the electric grid. The ultra-clean emission profile of the fuel cell power generation advances the sustainability goals of the University. FuelCell Energy will install, operate and maintain the plant, which is expected to be operational by the end of 2014. The University of Bridgeport, a private institution with total enrollment of about 4,800 students and located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, will purchase the electricity and heat under a multi-year power purchase agreement.

“Sustainable and affordable energy is an increasingly important component of the new energy mix at the University of Bridgeport,” said Neil Albert Salonen, President, University of Bridgeport. “Our Renewable Energy Research Lab evaluates technologies in energy conversion, utilization and storage in fuel cells, solar, wind, and hybrid systems. This lab is motivated by the strong need to prepare the next generation of inter-disciplinary engineers with a comprehensive background in sustainable energy and this fuel cell installation will help us achieve our goals by enabling us to practice what we teach.”

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