EU Project to Test Fuel Cells in Private Homes – Daily Fusion

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Fuel cells allow a highly efficient conversion of gas to electricity and heat—so efficient, actually, that fuel cell-based micro CHP units are believed to be able to reduce carbon emissions by up to 40 per cent compared to heat and electricity generated by steam boilers. But it will now be put to the test whether the units keep what they promise.

“The project will help mature the products and overcome teething problems, thus paving the way for a market introduction of the micro CPH units in 2017,” says Eva Ravn Nielsen, Center Manager, FCH Test Center. Project Manager Jonathan Hallinder adds:

“We need to quantify the environmental benefits and test under which financial conditions such micro CPH units can exist. Will government subsidies, for example, be required? How do you make it easier and more profitable to sell surplus electricity to the grid? And do the end-users have any reservations? The data analyses will therefore not be purely technical, but will also include any political barriers.”

The test users will be selected by the producers in collaboration with local energy companies.

The users start by completing a questionnaire about their consumption for the past three years. The questionnaire was the first challenge to be solved by the DTU group.

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