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The CraftEngine can utilize any heat source such as solar thermal, waste heat, geothermal, waste combustion – or biomass combustion.
CraftEngine, in combination with a heat source, provides a very competitive alternative to today’s Photovoltaic and current Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems. The CraftEngine can be installed in any type of building, ranging from common households and farms to larger commercial buildings in order to cover the various electricity and heating requirements. The CraftEngine technology is protected through a comprehensive set of patents covering a variety of novel features that make it unique, including a new thermodynamic cycle Viking Heat Engines AS presents CraftEngine, an engine that can convert heat from and its physical implementation.


> Piston-based external heat engine -> Well-known technology
> Purely automotive design through AVL -> Low production cost
> Conservative design -> Low maintenance and long lifetime
> Thermodynamic cycle: Novel extension of Rankine-cycle (ORC)
> Unique heat exchanger solution -> Small-size and high efficiency
> Small engine size: 30 x 40 x 60 cm

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