The Kalina Cycle® vs Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)

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Kalina Cycle® versus Rankine Cycle

The Kalina Cycle® is the first major advance in power generation technology over the Rankine Cycle, invented by William Rankine of Scotland over 150 years ago.  The Rankine cycle uses a pure component working fluid (e.g. water, Freon, etc.) in a high pressure boiler to generate vapor that is then used to drive a turbine that produces electricity. The vapor must then be condensed and pumped to a high pressure in order for the cycle to start over.  The Kalina Cycle® utilizes  an ammonia-water mixture, rather than a pure component, for the working fluid. The ammonia-water mixture boils and condenses over a temperature range and the ammonia-water mixture composition can be varied within the power cycle.  These thermodynamic attributes can be used to create efficiency improvements in the power cycle by as much as 50 percent.

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